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windows 8 (Archived) E-mail Links - address content doesn't change

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I use Evernote on Windows 8 all day and every day. Thank you for your great product.


Here comes the problem:


When I write down an e-mail address it turns into an e-mail client launcher link. That's a great feature.


Sometimes I find out that I have written the e-mail address wrong. But when I correct the address in the clickable link, and then re-click it; the e-mail client is launched with the original-wrong address again.


With an example:


True address: xxx@yyy.com


The note I took: xxp@yyy.com

when I click the link e-mail client launches with xxp@yyy.com

then I edit my note and make it xxx@yyy.com

when I click it again the e-mail client still launches with xxp@yyy.com



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Hi - welcome to the forums.  If you only edit the visible link that's not surprising.  Right click the link and choose Edit from there...

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