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safari Clipper fetching location data from article

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So i have been collecting online newspaper articles on rape stories in India. Now the rape reports usually contain the location information in the text itself and i am dealing with cities like Mumbai and New Delhi, basically the major cities.


Wouldn't it be nice if the clipper fetched this from article text and input it or at least provide 2-3 options ?


Or location entry could be possible in the dialog that opens up ? Currently we can enter comments, tags and notebooks only. If the location thing was taken care of, it would be nice...


After i have aggregated data i was hoping to visualize the rape data across cities among other places...


May be i should write my own small program for web scraping and then putting up stuff on maps...




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Hi, SkishChampi:


Have you found solution to have map view on the news?  If you have iPhone, you may consider GoLater.  Just create a notebook for the specific news, then tag with g:/address for each note when clipping the web page, then you will have clear map view of all the news you collect on GoLater "My Map" per this notebook. You can read the news from map by tapping each location.  


GoLater is the 3rd party APP of Evernote.  The paragraph of "Evernote Web Clipper from a Web Browser" in http://golater.tumblr.com/post/78603989558  may give you the idea about how to use GoLater to achieve your purpose.


It is free, welcome to download.  


Wish this lead is helpful to you. 

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