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ios 'Indent' in iOS editor is not longer available for text (only lists)

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I used to be able to indent text in a 'tab' like way even if it wasn't in a list..

      like this (except i didn't have to use spaces)


Now this feature is gone and 'increase indent level' only works when you are in a list.


Can you please switch this feature back on. Please!

It still works in Evernote for OS X, why was it removed in iOS? There is plenty of room on the screen. Or is it for compatibility with the smaller screened iPad Mini's? If so this is really quite annoying.


It is a really helpful feature that allows notes to be more clearly structured when you are taking them.




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This request seems to still be open unless anyone has found otherwise?? I have latest builds of iOS apps. Wondering what the response is from Evernote on this request.

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Hi. I don't know what the developers would say, but my guess is that they don't plan on reviving the feature, because it was killed off in September 2013 (?) and hasn't been seen since then, though many (including myself) have requested it. It is sorely missed.

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Bump - I'm not sure the value add of removing a feature like Indent for text... It makes organizing text so much easier! 

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