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Peter Shenkin

chrome Having trouble clipping a google doc, annotating it, and presenting it

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Newbie here. A search for "Google Docs Web Clipper" turned up over 700 threads, so I apologize in advance for not having read them all.


Anyway, I wanted to try a presentation based on a Google doc. What I want to do is:

  1. Browse to a Google Doc I own
  2. Clip it with the Chrome Web Clipper
  3. Sync to the Mac App
  4. In the Mac App, annotate it
  5. Present it with annotations


  • I was having trouble getting it to do what I wanted, so a few times, after step 3 above and attempts at 4, I deleted the note in the app. Following this, new attempts to clip appeared to succeed, but the App wouldn't sync -- the doc no longer became available in the Mac App following a sync.
    • After closing and reopening the Mac App, multiple copies from the earlier tries showed up
    • This was kind of a bore, but not my main issue(s) 
  • Prior to attempts to annotate, I tried a presentation with the document as downloaded.
    • I tried the "spacebar" method of skipping to the next section of the doc
    • It's a multipage doc, with headers, images, etc. 
    • The spacebar took me halfway down the first page, but on repeated presses, no further.
    • Also a bore, but also not my main issue(s). I can always scroll.
  • Attempting to annotate, I could annotate the first page, but there was no way to scroll the doc down past the first page to continue annotating.
    • Thus, I could not do what I wanted at all.


  1. Sync failed.
  2. Presentation failed.
  3. Annotation failed.

All in all a disappointment. But if there are workarounds, I'd like to hear them.

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Hi Peter,

The Web Clipper is probably not your best bet to move stuff from G-docs to Evernote and keep the data pristine. The Web Clipper takes HTML and converts into ENML (which is what the Evernote clients understand). Google docs and other complex web apps that handle creating and editing content create requires much special handling and are currently not 'supported' with Gmail being the exception.


I suggest you try exporting the content from G-docs into PDF and get that into Evernote which is then easy to annotate and present.


Hope that helps. 

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