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windows 8 (Archived) Pen Not writing notes!

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What always was the best thing for me about Evernote, was taking notes using my pen on the HTC Flyer.


However, now i have a VIAO with Windows 8.1 and the pen doesn't take notes!!!

Any idea when will that be fixed?

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...There's a pen?


Hi - welcome to the forums.  I haven't seen any other VIAO comments recently,  so I don't think Evernote will even be aware that there's an issue to be fixed.  I'd suggest you raise a support ticket (see below) and make sure that you include all the information you can about the process of using your pen to add/ edit notes.  There's a best practice guide here


While you're waiting for a response,  and unless you've already done so,  I'd suggest

  1. backing up your database,  then revo removing and reinstalling Evernote in a clean installation - do search the forums for more information on that if you have local notebooks or unsynced notes.
  2. posting in any Sony forums to see if anyone else has the same problem / has found a solution.

Good luck!

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