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windows (Archived) I am Leaving Evernote and Here's Why!

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I just need to say that the absence of feature X is unconscionable and if you don't fix it right away I am going to stop using my free subscription.  Additionally I would recommend Evernote to lots of people but cannot recommend it to anyone because you do not have feature X.  If however, you add feature X, you will not only keep me as a free customer, but get all those other free customers I'd be sending you right now if it had feature X.


I really cannot believe you have not added feature X yet.


I also have 3 other free accounts that I use.  I can tell you that I would have upgraded the main one to a premium account if only you had feature X.  The absence of feature X is the only thing holding me back from purchasing a premium account, however until you add feature X I just cannot justify paying the price for a premium membership.  Feature X is crucial.


I really cannot believe that you have not added feature X yet.

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... feature X?? :huh:


It should have been added years ago.  It's the key to why Evernote hasn't grown more, not having it is holding them back.

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