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Anyway to Sort Notes By Tags in iOS like you can on the Desktop client?

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Is there any way to sort notes in iOS by Tags? I use a particular hierarchy of tagging to sort to do's based on priority, time required, and location (GTD type stuff), but the tags are worthless on my iPhone and the only three ways to sort notes is by date created, date updated, or title, which has very limited value. 


Anyone have any thoughts?



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Have you looked at Saved Searches rather than browsing and sorting through tags?

Those searches are synced across all the clients (viewable at the bottom of the drop down suggestions when tapping into the search field on iOS).


Create them for your mix of contexts and other tags.

I use an adapted form of tags such as below


It's pretty simple to setup some saved searches you can just select like:

tag:@work tag:1-Now

tag:@work tag:2-Next



Now bring notebooks into that if you want to filter out completed items.


I have a notebook called Completed


You can't unfortunately show everything except one notebook (with -Completed for example).

But you can ONLY look at one notebook, or better still a stack.


So I Create a Tasks stack which contains my default inbox notebook and a notebook called Actions

And my Saved searches would then follow the format of:

stack:Tasks tag:@work tag:1-Now

stack:Tasks tag@work tag:2-Next



So with that I'm filtering out all the items I moved into Completed, and all the notebooks that 3rd party apps created, shared notebooks etc.

So I can just drill down to at hand work stuff on my phone/ipad.  And leave the fancier tag surfing for when I'm at a desktop.


You can also get fancy and add in other conditions like [contains unfinished todos].  The old way was by putting in todo:false (meaning has unchecked todos).


I would then also have a meeting review saved search that would show me all work notes with todos in the last 2 weeks: todo:* updated:day-14


And one to show me which items to move to the Completed notebook:

todo:true -todo:false -updated:day-14


Which translates to "show all notes with checked todos, but no unchecked todo's, not updated in the last 14 days".

Then select all and move to Completed.

On an iOS device you can do that with an app called AutoEver.


GTD tag hierarchy from the Secret Weapon:


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I really appreciate both of your responses. I don't know if I was as clear as I would have liked to have been in the original response. On the Evernote iOS iPhone client, under the shortcuts section, I have all of my contexts (Anywhere, Calls, Computer, etc.) when I click on one of these shortcuts (on my phone) all the notes with that context pop up, but whereas on my desktop client, I am able to sort (not search, when I mean sort, it is the way the notes are displayed, which note is at the top of the list, which note is at the bottom) I am able to sort these notes from the particular shortcut by another tag that I use to indicate time (!10min, !15min, etc.) so that I can quickly and intuitively scan my list where the shortest actions are up top and the longer ones on the bottom.


On iOS, it seems like the only three options for how notes are sorted (displayed in list form) is either by date created, date updated, or by title. I would like to discover a way to arrange how the notes are displayed in a paritcular saved search according to tags regardless of when the note was created, updated, or its title.


Thanks again for all of your help!

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I, too, would like the ability to sort after a search. After setting up contexts and tags, I'm not sure why the iOS version can only sort a search by creation date or name without the same ability as the desktop to sort by the collection of tags for the series of notes. This makes the iOS version frustrating for my implementation of The Secret Weapon system. Are there any search parameters that can return the notes in ranked order by tags?

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Similar request here.


The only way that I have found is to prefix the title of the note with 1-, 2-,3- etc. so that I can now sort on the title - however, this only works until such time as you change the tags and so have to rename the tags. Would be grateful for any other ideas that anyone might have.

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This request here is a bit difficult to happen because everybody's having notes with more than one tags. What would happen in the shorting algorithm? For me it's very useful to select notes by tag, like it is today.


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To be clear, SORT has nothing to do with SEARCH.

Sort determines the ORDER in which the Notes are listed.


In EN Mac (and I believe also in EN Win) you can SORT the Note list by Tags.

The way this works is this:

  • The Tags in each Note are sorted in alphanumeric order.
  • The Notes are then sorted by Tag in alphanumeric order, using the first Tag in each Note.

I agree with the OP, the sort options in EN iOS should be the same as in EN Mac and EN Win, thus including sort by Tags.

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It is January 2017 and Evernote on iOS (my iPhone at least) has changed (Evernote I think there used to be a way to display notes by Tag in EN on iOS but don't see a way to do that now (icons at bottom of screen are now "Notes", "Search", "+" (create a new note), "Shortcuts" and "Account"). I use Tags like I think "AtticusHolmes" (originator of this thread) does: To indicate priority. I have a Tag for "Today", "Next", "Soon", etc. When I'm out and about I want to see what I tagged as "Today". In the new Evernote I didn't see a way to do that. Back in 2014 "cwb" suggested looking at "Search". Sure enough if I search for "Today" in addition to notes that have "Today" in them, below that is my "Today" tag. I touch that (see attached image) and am presented with a list of all notes that are tagged with "Today". I wish there was simply a button at bottom of main page that takes me to tags and I select the one I want to look at...but this will do.


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20 minutes ago, donramm said:

I wish there was simply a button at bottom of main page that takes me to tags and I select the one I want to look at...but this will do.

It's there, but more work than a button

On my home page, I have a star icon to display the shortcuts I set up for quick access

I can also click on All Notes.  The second line (you might have to slide down) gives me access to searching.  There's a tag icon that shows my tag list


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I have the star icon on my EN home page on my iPhone which is labeled "Shortcuts". When I go that page I see "Recent notes" (3 of them), and "Shortcuts" (all of them) but when I scroll down I don't have a list of Tags. I touch "Edit" at top right and it looks like I can remove shortcuts but don't see a way to add anything.

I found the filter under "Notes" that you are talking about. When I select "Today" I end up with the same list of notes that I see when I search for "Today" and touch "Today" under "Tags" on the search results window. Your method has the benefit of showing me the tags that I have created whereas when using "Search" I have to remember the name of the tag I am looking for. Since I am mainly concerned with "Today" when I look at Evernote on my iPhone that isn't too hard to do.


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1 hour ago, donramm said:

it looks like I can remove shortcuts but don't see a way to add anything.

Adding shortcuts is done at the source screens.  For example, tags shortcuts are added at the tag management screen, search shortcuts are added at the search screen

>>I found the filter under "Notes" that you are talking about. When I select "Today"

I'm not sure what you're looking at.  I mentioned a tag icon

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