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Applescript error: note object no longer works

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tell application "Evernote"

set note1 to create note title "Test" with text "Test" notebook "Blog"

end tell


The following error is returned:


Expected end of line but found application constant or consideration.



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I'm pretty new to applescripting Evernote. I'm trying to manipulate a note I created and opened in a note window. Looking at the code you provided I believe you need to reorder it to:


set note1 to create note with text "Test" title "Test" notebook "Blog"


I modified my script (which does create a new note) to mimic what you had and I got an error also. The create note must be immediately followed by either [from file "file"], [from url "text"], [with text "text"] or [with html "text"]. After that it doesn't the order of title, notebook, tags, etc. doesn't seem to matter.


Hope that helps.

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