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mac (Archived) Evernote and the Livescribe 3 SmartPen - Search and Retrieval

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I've been having a hard look at this combination, in particular how it might work for incorporating handwritten notes into Evernote and having them indexed and efficiently searchable.


As part of the process I did some practical trials of different approaches and the outcomes may be of interest to those working out their own workflows.


The opinions expressed apply purely to my own approach to the issues and are not intended to be the answers for everyone!


I wrote this up as an Evernote note, the link is below:





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What a thorough job, rather impressive; thank you.


Having received a LS Sky wifi pen for Christmas, your post intrigued me.  I discovered after opening the package and configuring the pen, that handwriting recognition or transcription, is not part of this product.  It is nice that the notes are transferred right into Evernote, and that they are searchable, but with only that ability, I might as well just take photos with the iPhone camera of the Moleskin journal.


But you did your work with the LS3 - and I am wondering if you are happy with this product vs any of the others. 


Thank you

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