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ios (Archived) Evernote "Causing" Wireless Problems

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I don't know if anyone has any bright ideas about this but it's driving me crazy. I'm using an iMac with Mavericks which in all respects is working perfectly. I also use a MacBook Pro and an iPad Air (iOS7), all these devices run Evernote and all connect to the same wireless router.


The problem is with the iPad, it works absolutely fine with all other applications but when I use Evernote it almost immediately disconnects from the WiFi and will not reconnect, I just get the dreaded cannot connect message.  I've tried deleting the network and reinstating it, i've tried removing the network and resetting it. Been through the switch on airplane mode, shut down and then start up again route but still I'm unable to reconnect the WiFi.


Whilst all these connection problems are going on the iMac and MacBook continue to work normally so the WiFi is there and the broadband is working just fine but something is left hanging which prevents the iPad connecting again. All I can do is reset the router itself and then the iPad will reconnect, but will after a very short time drop the connection again.


Any advice or suggestions would be very much appreciated.



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I'm having the same problem with my macbook air, regardless of which of three networks I use.  It just started happening today, Dec.12.


The error message I get is "Check your internet connection or try again later." Pretty sophisticated advice.


I'm wondering if uninstalling and then reinstalling would correct it?


Thoughts please?






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Have you tried resetting the network settings? Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network settings? Clearing the Evernote cache?

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Can something be done about this as it is very irritating - or are Evernote users just expected to  have to reboot every time it happens?


Would welcome some advice.


Happy holidays

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