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mac Bad clipper cutting position in Maverick and two screens

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Evernote 5.4.4.

After upgrading to Maverick Helper cannot clip selected area with two screens, 

cutting position is moved down for about 2/3 screen height ( and up if you clipp bottom page it start from the top).


Work with one display is OK.


Only solution: Change Displays arrangement - arrange it horizontally to the same vertical position.


Tested on MacBok Air, several second displays.


Problem is with Evernote Helper, Skitch Crossair snapshot work good.


Josef Moravek



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This is petty much what's happening to me.  I have two screens, stacked vertically.  When I try to clip a section of a screen, I get a clip of the dock at the bottom of the screen instead.  Have you had any luck resolving this? Does anyone else have any insight into this?


Evernote 5.5

Mac OSX 10.9.1

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