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teaching Lession notes - dates like i blog?

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I am a piano teacher and have just started using evernote to keep notes of the students lessions. I have done so every day is in a booklet with each student for a note. Then I write like a blog in the note in every lession.

Can I have a temple which I can, in any easy way to put a list with dates (like a blog) and maybe some "click-box" for attendance? Or must I copy and paste?

For now I only have a free acount.
Sorry for my bad english - I hope you understand. 

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If I'm understanding your question correctly, you're asking if it's possible to create a template note. The answer is yes and no. There is not a "template" feature, but you can create a note (the template you want to create) and then copy that note several times to the same notebook. I believe you'll have to use the desktop Evernote version (PC or Mac) for this, but it's a great feature and will probably solve your problem.


You may be able to find more answers to some of your questions at http://jcollierblog.com/.




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I think you could handle this two different ways.


The easiest way is to have a note titled for each student. use Ctrl+; in Windows to insert the date and time and then type up your entry. If you want it like a blog, then you can start the next entry at the top of the note each time. Or you can scroll down and add it to the bottom. 


You could also do a note for each date and tag those with student's names. Then when you want to find a student's "booklet" you'd search for that tag and up they would come.


The more complicated way is to make a series of notes for each student titled by date. Then copy the note link for each note into an index note for the student. You could put the check box in front of each such link and if you title each note with the date, that will be what you see when you go to this note. 


Then the link will take you to the actual note where you can write the note of the day. 

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