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mac (Archived) Fed up with bugs in Mac version

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This is a rant, so if it offends anyone, sorry. I generally really like Evernote but all the hype in the world cannot make up for a poopy product.


Throughout the versions and updates I've had a bug which has persisted on Evernote for Mac. When I move a large note with a pdf attachment over about 1mb from one notebook to another, the note count updates in both notebooks, but the note never visibly moves. So I end up with notes clearly labeled in one notebook which actually belong in the another. Eventually, if I move it back and forth between the notebooks the system does catch up, but this is a royal pain, EVERY time.


I have restarted, reinstalled, tried both MAS and direct download version, and filled multiple support requests. I am a premium customer.


Hey Evernote folk, how about before going out and trying to sell the next great backpack or wallet you get your CORE SOFTWARE FEATURES WORKING!! I am looking into alternatives, you spin a great marketing campaign, but really buggy product. 


Thanks for listening, rant over-




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I can confirm, that I'm also having this problem on the Mac version. Maybe not that annoying for me to look for alternatives, but it would be nice, if it just worked.

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