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James Burchill

ios (Archived) Erratic behaviour of Latest Version of Evernote running under iOS7 (OK on iPad, NOT OK on iPhone)

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Simply put I am now unable to use Evernote on my iPhone5 after upgrading to the new version of Evernote. The older version worked fine with iOS7, however the new version -- even the update today (Sep 27) didn't fix it.


Here's what happens. If I click the icon on my iPad (mini) running the new iOS7, Evernote opens and runs properly. 


Trying the same thing on my iPhone 5 and Evernote loads then it "crashes?" and drops into the background. I can double-click to see background apps and it's there but when I try and bring it to the foreground it flashes onto the screen and then crashes again. 


I've tried shutting off and restarting my phone. It's annoying because I preferred using Evernote Premium on my iPhone over my iPad. 


Any assistance on resolving this would be appreciated. I just paid to renew my pro service for another year and I'm wondering if that was a smart move???

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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