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ie web clipper icon on toolbar for IE

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Hello.  I'm new to Evernote and have been muddling through several issues and using this forum to sort them out.  However, I still can't seem to resolve one issue.


In the screen shots of web clipper there is a little icon of the elephant that you press to clip the web page to Evernote.  I downloaded the Web Clipper today (26 Sept 13)(not sure of what version it is), and I use Windows7 and IE10. There is a double arrow in the top right that is a drop down list that has 'Add to Evernote' but I was just wondering if there is a way to get the icon on the toolbar for a quicker way to clip?



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Make sure the the 'Command bar' is visible in your IE. I believe you can right click in the toolbar and get an option menu where the 'Command bar' can be turned on. For some reason it is often disabled by default in IE.


Hope that helps.

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  1. I also have this (or a similar problem).  I am using IE 10 on a Windows 8 64 bit laptop.  I have the addon installed and enabled but it says unavailable: -
  2. This is what I get in the 'more information' -
  4. Name:                   Add to Evernote

    Publisher:              Not Available

    Type:                   Browser Extension

    Architecture:           32-bit

    Version:                Not available

    File date:              Not available

    Date last accessed:     ‎30 ‎November ‎1999, ‏‎00:00

    Class ID:               {A95FE080-8F5D-11D2-A20B-00AA003C157A}

    Use count:              0

    Block count:            0

    File:                   Not available

    Folder:                 Not available


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The command bar can be customized, so you should check to see if the icon is available.


The bar takes up space that I'm reluctant to surrender, so I usually hit the <alt> key to bring up the menu. "Add to Evernote" is one of the items under Tools.

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Your recommendation to ensure the Command Bar is visible is a good first step. However for some reason my web clipper icon disappeared once again (not sure why). I found this discussion, right clicked on the toolbar to make the Command Bar visible but the webclipper icon did not show up this time. I realized I needed to customize Command Bar. Here's how:

Right click on the Command Bar toolbar

From the popup menu, select Customize to add/remove commands

The left panel includes a bunch of available commands

Scroll down to find the web clipper and select it

Add it


This worked for me. Hope it helps others. Thanks.

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Hey happykat & jbignert...


Your combined inputs worked great for me... I was facing the same issue of bringing the web clipper icon on to the main screen...


Followed your joint instructions & got it done!!




Have a great day..

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