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ios (Archived) Unable to listen to audio outside if evernote in ios

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I am a teacher and I'm having my students record themselves speaking in an Evernote note and submitting it to me via Edmodo. The problem that I'm having is that I can not listen to what they have recorded unless I save every individual note into my own notebook. I know Evernote uses .wav files for the recordings, so shouldn't any mobile browser be able to handle them? Neither Chrome nor Safari allow me to play back the .wav files at all (play symbol crossed out like a No Smoking sign)

Is this a general limitation of mobile browsers? Are Evernote notes, although web-based, displayed differently in mobile browsers? I guess I just don't understand why I have to save each note and open it up in Evernote if they are just rich text and .wav files. Doesn't seem to make much sense.

Any info would be greatly appreciated, as this severely limits my efficiency in grading assignments.

A sample assignment is one like this:



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You're kind've pushing the boundaries of Evernote sharing with this sound file process.  I'd guess that whether or not Evernote uses WAV files depends on what actual client the student uses to record a note.  Evernote will use whatever native sound capabilities the local client has and record in that format.  if your browser doesn't have the right codec it won't be able to play the file.  When you move the file to Evernote the sound file gets translated back to something playable by Evernote,  hence the result you're seeing.  If you can find a standardised app that records the sound you need as MP3 and get students to use the app and embed the file in a note,  it should be playable anywhere.

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As Gaz said, Evernote does not use wav files across the board.  It depends upon the client being used.  IE, audio recorded in the iOS app will not be recorded as a wav file.  And as he said, you also need to be able to play whatever format the file is in.  IE, if you try to play an mp3 file on a computer/device that cannot play an mp3, well, the mp3 won't play. 

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Ah ok. I see. I tested out the email function where the body of the note is pasted into the email. That seemed to work better. The files played when I was viewing them in the stock Mail app on my ipad. I'll try to have them just email it this time and see how that works. Thanks for your info!

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