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23 minutes ago, gazumped said:

I'm not a Linux user,  so don't understand the niceties.  Just sayin - it works for some,  YMMV.  ;)

Don't know if this adds anything to the pot - apologies if it's been quoted already... http://www.pcworld.com/article/3201149/linux/how-to-use-evernote-in-linux.html

I have gotten Evernote to work under Wine and used third party clients. Thought that had got it sorted many years ago. But Evernote updates broke the wine implementation (by messing up the pseudo registry - something you don't really want to disentangle). Also updates to *ubuntu broke the Linux clients as they were not supported and updated to run current libraries. Pity EV couldn't have picked up one and run with it. We, and many others, might still have been with them

Which said to me trying to fix a problem with no support would only lead to a greater problem in the future - and THE BOTTOM LINE was no way did we want to grow our important data on an unsupported platform application. And no, we weren't prepared to return to Windows.

So departed and haven't looked back. Use SimpleNote for simple stuff and ownCloud/NextCloud for heavy data sharing. A better solution (for us) at a better price (free).

Committing mission critical stuff to a limited proprietary platform leaves you a hostage to a company that wasn't the one I first engaged with.

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The single biggest challenge for me is taking quick notes on the fly and have them auto save and sync to all devices. This is where Evernote and Onenote shine. The problem I ran into is that there's no way to quickly start a new word document on mobile without multiple taps, and have it automatically save.

For now, I am using Notability on iOS, and have it set up to automatically back up all notes to a predefined cloud location in PDF format. This works well for one time quick notes.

I did look at Simplenote but I often use images in my notes.

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5 hours ago, Wanderling Reborn said:

The problem I ran into is that there's no way to quickly start a new word document on mobile without multiple taps

Agreed; I like to use alternate editors and its not as easy as using the default Evernote editor

Also, some platforms don't play well with editing embeded documents.  The Win/Mac platforms do a great job of exporting the document, launching the editor, watching for completion, and then importing the modified document.

If I know I'll be updating the document, I'll leave it in the cloud location, and include a link in the note

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We did switch to Laverna for most technical docs.

It is multiplatform and it supports cloud sync and encryption.
However beware to store in the cloud your settings too.

We can not keep waiting on evernote who seems not to understand, some people need markdown for technical notes.

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