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android (Archived) Sort "Todays Reminders"

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I work as an independent investor and use Evernote extensively.  I am very impressed with the reminder functions in the android and new PC versions.  So much so, that I have stopped tracking tasks in Outlook and in Any.do and use Evernote exclusively.  Thanks.  


I trust that the Evernote team is working on enhancing the PC version to enable notes to be sorted by reminder dates as is done in other versions.  But, what would help me greatly in the android version is the ability to plan my day by sorting through all of "todays" reminders and place them in the order that I would like to addresss them.  I could accomplish this by setting different times for each task, but that is too cumbersome.  I would much prefer to drag tasks up and down the list and sort them that way.



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Would also appreciate the ability within Windows and Android to SORT BY REMINDER DATES , as close to yesterday as possible!


Thank you in advance to the EN development team.



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