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(Archived) Evernote Business Webinar Recap - 8/29/13

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Questions and answers from our latest Business webinar.


Q: We want to put confidential paperwork into Evernote, can a notebook be password protected?
A: You can restrict who has access to a particular notebook so you could restrict who is able to see the notebook in this way. That said, you can encrypt specific text within a note, but you cannot password protect an entire notebook.

Q: Should I copy notes from personal notebooks to business notebooks, or move the notes?
A: You can do either option. Copying the notes from personal to business notebooks will allow you to keep a copy of the note in your personal notebook and place a copy in the business notebook. If you move the note, it will remove it from the personal notebook and put it into the business notebook.

Q: When I upgrade my Evernote account to Evernote Business, how does the upload capacity work?
A: With Evernote Business, you will have 2GB of upload capacity for your personal notes and 2GB of upload capacity for the business per user. The business upload capacity is a shared upload limit. If you have 10 users on your business account, you would have 20GB of upload capacity for the entire business.

Q: What is the cost of Evernote Business?
A: Evernote Business is $10 per user per month, or $120 per user per year.

Q: Is the ability to share a note via email / share URL a feature of Evernote Business only?
A: You can share an individual note via email or share URL on regular Evernote, Premium or Business.

Q: Are related notes only available on Evernote Business?
A: No, you do not have to have Evernote Business to have related notes. With Evernote Business, you do gain the ability to see more related note options as to finding what your company knows, instead of just showing your own account.

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