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ios how to annotate a pdf with penultimate

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Plus One. It has been a year and people are still asking...

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Add me to the list.  I'd like very much to use penultimate to fill out .pdf forms and Evernote to store them. 

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Also having the same problem. I had been using NotesPlus (the paid version, wich doesn't cost much). It might solve your problems until someone from Evernote/Penultimate read their discussion board and give us any reply. I'm listing the reasons why I'm still with NotesPlus:

  1. It produces neat notes
  2. Provides the approximation writing (zoom) AND move the writing box automatically
  3. Offers palm rejection when using approximation writing box (so people don't need to have a Bluetooth stylus),
  4. Lots of pen styles, colors (+ opacity),
  5. Easily import and export pdf notes/documents without limit for the number of pages. Also very easy to get pdfs from your google drive with the app. I download pdf books and read them with the app so I can take notes and highlight things very easy (including exporting just the pages I want to my peers)


  1. Hurts the iPad performance, it gets slow when you start having a lot of notes. 
  2. Not a lot of improvements

Hope this provides some help to the users, and maybe some nice ideas for improvements to Evernote/Penultimate.

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Okay, so i worked on it a bit and found out that the problem is with the proprietary filetype of penultimate, which does not support PDF's until today. Sorry folks, you're not going to find it anytime soon. Also, I want to say, support for apple pencil in the app is really bad. Penultimate's team have a lot of potential, you can see through the app, but it seems to me EN is stalling that potential.

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Just started with Evernote and penultimate iOS. There is no function for note merging and sorting and no possibility of annotating pdfs despite people asking for this for years. Bye bye Evernote.

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On 12/27/2013 at 6:39 AM, PhilFromFrance said:

Another testimonial to this subject.

This is one of the major features that is missing in Penultimate.

I want to be able to open PDFs from anywhere in iOS straight into Penultimate, and then sketch anything in it. I would use this to annotate and to sign documents. Note: I am very much in favor of integration, vs. multiple applications for different purposes. I will not bother using Evernote for storing, SketchIT to annotate and penultimate for handwriting. Penultimate + Evernote already has the most advanced set of features, I would love to see the missing features added to them only.

This function as well as the paper rotation (see thread on this topic) and a zoom window (or any smart solution improving the zoom mode) would make Penultimate THE best nite taking app. And would kill any doubt about switching to competing applications.

Thanks to the EN team for the good work.

Almost 4 years sigh

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+1  Love Evernote.  Love Penultimate.  NEED to be able to annotate pdfs seamlessly while syncing to Evernote.

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