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Feedly - Evernote Integration

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After the death of Google Reader, most of us use Feedly for following our RSS feeds. But sadly, Feedly does not support Evernote integration. Feedly announced a feedly pro version in the works, but at a whopping 5$/ month for 1 step EN integration, along with other features, If you mainly want EN integration, no need to go for Feedly Pro.


So, in order to overcome this problem, i forward the post through email into my Evernote account. Today, i discovered that you can update a default CC Email option in Feedly. So, once we update that place with our default Evernote email id, we can forward Feedly posts into our Evernote account with just 1 click. No Pro Version required.

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I have also found that using IFTTT, you can set it up so that and feedly post you click "save for later" on will be sent directly to EN with whatever tag you choose (in my case, it is read/review)  

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