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windows (Archived) Bug: Evernote blocks Standby/Hybernate

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Windows XP (always up to date)

inkl Tool MCE-Standbytool




Evernote blocks my Standby/Hibernate it the tray icon exists. When I close it, my Standby/Hybernte works correctly.


My Test

- Energieoptions: all off (like monitor off) except Standby.

- Standby 1 minute


After that I close one application after the other. Only when I close Evernote Tray the Standby works.


Without MCE Standbytool do not work Standby in my computer. If you have the same problem, please test MCE Stanbytool. (only install and restart your computer. )


Can anybody else check it? If you have WinXP. Check if your Standby works with and without Evernotetray.


Thx very much for your test !

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