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ios Lost all my markup

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I spend a good chunk of the day yesterday marking up a PDF in skitch. When I opened it this morning all of my markings were gone, save for the very first. What happened? Where did all my work go?

I can't use this software if it's going to delete or overwrite my work at random. 


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@stirwise - Did you save the changes back to your Evernote note? If you did then the annotations should have been saved to the note and synced with Evernote. You can check your Evernote account to see if the changes are there, but just not showing in Skitch. A full quit of the app and sync may clear up the issue in the library.


If you did not save, then the changes might have been lost due to an event on your phone. If you restarted, or iOS closed the app and cleared the memory then this could have created the issue.

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Same thing just happened to me! I saved it, closed it down to look at another note - then went back to open the note, and 3 hours of markups are all gone!! Does anyone have an explanation or solution???

Or way of getting them back??

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