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(Archived) Problem photo oversized

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This is my problem :


I insert screen like that in Evernote :



It's good !



But when i do an public/partage URL of my note , it's oversized , and really not good for me :





Someone can help me ?


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There was a bug with embedded images in public URLs that should be fixed now. Can you check again and see if the problem still persists? And if it does, it'd be helpful if you could post a sample note URL.




-- Tom

Evernote employee

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I just tried creating a screenshot and adding it to a note. After sharing the note and opening the shared URL, the screenshot appears to be the same size in the browser and in the Mac client. 

Are you still seeing the problem?

What client version are you using? What browser?

Does this happen with both newly created notes and existing notes?

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