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android (Archived) EN 5.2.1 : Page Camera works, but cuts my pictures

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Galaxy S Advance:

Page camera works, it makes perspective correction and doesn't lock Camera Apps anymore but ..


the problem is about cropping: it deletes the lower area of pages; at first I believed EN Page Camera stores images in Letter size instead A4 size (which I usually use): in fact a 2 cm (0.78 inches) stripe is deleted.


But I tried with an A5 paper (half the size of A4) and the same problem happens.


I tried to take a pictures 50 cm (20 inches) distant to avoid possible problem with my camera, but  images keep being cut.


There was a similar problem in this post on iOS, but with no answers.


Any hints? 


Thanks in advance.  Cheers.  G


(ps contrast level should have some user input: black written text or thick lines are preserved, but blue text and not so thick black lines are lost somewhere)

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No help, but I have the same problem with Page Camera for Evernote.  And I can't find anything in the help section or start up that explains the Page Camera and / or the crop area in the view finder.  

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Ok, a bit late but I forgot I did this post: with last versions I haven't got any freeze/crash with Page Camera

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