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mac E-mail to Evernote with a twist.

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Hello all,


I have been looking around at the e-mail to Evernote Applescripts mixed in with the just send to Evernote. I would like to build a script that does a bit more. I'm hoping someone could help me. Here is what I looking to do. 


I would like to highlight 1 or many messages (while loop) then right click on them and choose send to Evernote. 


But I would like the script to do the following:


Get the subject for the e-mail then forward it to Evernote, wait a while then do an Evernote sync. File the e-mail that was just forwarded, and change the created date, to the date and time the e-mail originally came to my e-mail. Then add tags to the note, the tags would be like who the e-mail was from and from which of your e-mail accounts(if you have many accounts setup in mail). Then move the e-mail in Mail.app to an Evernote Folder or the trash for that account if you have more then one. 


If anyone has any code that might help with this it would be great. I would like to get this build and share it back to everyone. 


Thank you,


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I don't have code that will be especially useful, but using the email forward and then waiting for a sync is superfluous. You're better off just grabbing the email's content directly and creating a note. Then you can add all the other info yourself.

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