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mac (Archived) link to folder - problem with different user names

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Hi folks, I currently user evernote on a work desktop (iMac) and my macbook air.



I want to create a  link to a dropbox folder in an evernote note.  The dropbox folder

is available on both machines.  On the iMac it looks like




and on the macbook air it appears as




where username 1 and username2 are DIFFERENT.    Using a link like:




does not work and I can't simply use


file://Users/username1/Dropbox/folder1 because

then the link would not work on the macbook air.


I thought the ~ would fix it but I guess ~ stands for /Users/username1 or /Users/username2 and this adds 

an extra / at the beginning.   


Any fixes besides changing the user names to match (not a simple procedure).





I know how to create the link.

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Hi rhyanes74, unfortunately we currently do not support local links or non-http links. Thanks for your input though!  :)

Hi - actually you do support non-http links, highlight text in a note and then command-k pulls up the link box, use file:///Users/username/directory/

this works great.  The problem I mentioned above can be solve by using a soft link to map /Users/directory1 to /Users/directory2 (or vice versa).




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