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(Archived) Evernote Business Webinar Recap - 6/21/13

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Recorded Q&A from the latest Evernote Business webinar.  Live demos generally occur every Friday.  An updated list and registration are located here:  http://evernote.com/business/resources/webinars/


Q: Assume Mac/PC users can share among each other and they see the same things?
A: Correct, notes can be shared between platforms.

Q: Can you RE-explain your suggestion for HOW you designate to others that YOU'RE CURRENTLY EDITING a notebook so they shouldn't. What are the best practices for co-editing a document? Can two (business) notebook members co-edit the same document in real time?
A: Some customers like to use a checkout system where they can either change the title of the note, or add a tag, that says 'In-progress.' Then, if they sync before editing, anyone else that opens the note will know that someone is working on it.

Q: Can you explain briefly how to use the elephant icon in the top toolbar for capturing website info/URL/etc? I'm never sure it saved...
A: If you click on the Evernote Icon in the menu bar, you can take a quick note or screenshot that will save to your default notebook, which is set in the Evernote Mac app.

Q: Reminders don't integrate into your general calendar, do they?
A: Correct, there is no calendar integration yet.

Q: Can you change VIEW so notes come up alphabetically vs. the most recently-changed one first?
A: There are a number of different sort options that can be accessed by clicking the view button in the notes pane, and then selecting 'sort by:'

Q: Is access to Business Specialists/support FREE if you're a Business Client? What level of support is available for Evernote Business (e.g., chat, phone) and what are the hours?
A: A business account comes with our highest tier of support, the Customer Success team. We're available for questions, feedback, best practices, and more.

Q: Are attached files from my desktop re-saved in another location on that hard drive to give me off-line access? Can this program work off line instead of going thru the Internet for access to your info? At my work there is not always an Internet signal.
A: All of your Evernote content is available offline from our desktop software. On mobile, you would need to designate notebooks that would want offline access to from the settings option.

Q: If I have 2 GB in Evernote does require 2 GB to view all off-line.
A: The Data quota counts data that you put in to the account; you can pull content out, or download attachments, as much as you need

Q: Is the mobile app for business different than the free mobile app?
A: No, Evernote Business users use the same software on all of our platforms; they will just see extra options.

Q: Can you notify people that a note has been edited, via email or a push notification on a mobile app? Is there a way within a note to create a thread that notifies specific users to when a new note has been created? i.e. in a design review process?
A: Currently, you can receive updates on any notebooks that you have access to from the activity feed in our desktop software. Click the Radar icon to see the 50 most recent updates.

Q: Can we integrate with Microsoft SharePoint or Salesforce?
A: At this time we do not have a direct integration with either of those services. We've highlighted a number of 3rd party integrations in the Evernote Trunk, and you might find what you're looking for there: trunk.evernote.com.

Q: Is there a discount for large customers?
A: At this time, there is not.

Q: If a business wants to fund the development of a function, i.e. email/push notification, do you do that?
A: If you have a feature request, you can provide it to the Customer Success Team.

Q: When do we get to talk about implementing this in our business?
A: You can contact us to discuss your specific implementation by visiting the Contact Us page at http://www.evernote.com/business.

Q: How does one delete an attachment in a note?
A: One easy way is to just place the curser next to or below the attachment and hit the delete key.

Q: How many people can access the same note at one time?
A: That depends, if it's read only, as many people as necessary. When it comes to editing, only one person can edit a note at the same time, otherwise you can end up with conflicting changes or a sync error.

Q: You mention I can record a meeting, but I've had trouble switching between notes during a meeting and the recording stopping.
A: With recording, the note must stay in focus. If you're taking meeting notes and recording the meeting, you would need to be in the same note.

Q: Can you move and copy notes from business notebook to personal? Can you restrict it if that is possible?
A: Yes, this is possible, and there is not a way to restrict it. We designed this software for the majority of people who are trying to do the right thing.

Q: Can you recommend a "basic" Evernote webinar for "newbies"? I need to get my business partner to see power of Evernote to make Evernote Business a reality.
A: We have a number of resources that can help. Try our YouTube channel, or visit the support page for tutorials.

Getting Started Guide:


YouTube Videos:


Q: How do you keep the database in the cloud and not constantly filling up the laptop as well?
A: Right now, anything you have access too will be synced to our desktop software. You could try publishing a notebook to the Business Library. Then, you can join and leave it as necessary for your work. Leaving it would remove the data from your desktop. If you need that information, join the notebook again.

Q: Is it possible for a notebook to become "full"?
A: While the maximum size for any one note is 100MB for Business users, the maximum number of notes that can be placed in one notebook is very high, 100,000. This number is also the maximum number of notes you can have in your account.

Q: Is there a central area for all reminders within all notebooks?
A: If you select the view option of 'all notes' from the left hand pane, you will see all of your reminders.

Q: Seems like the windows client is way behind what you're showing us, any hope for an update? When can we expect voice to text from Evernote?
A: We are always working hard to improve our software on all clients. That said, we can't provide a specific date of when a new feature may or may not come out.

Q: What is the level of security compared to other services where we share information on the cloud? I work in the medical field and security is a prime concern.
A: Learn more about Security at our security page: http://evernote.com/business/resources/security_and_privacy/

Q: Will the add-ons like Skitch work the same with Evernote Business?
A: Currently, Skitch, Evernote Hello, Evernote Food, and Evernote Penultimate do not work with business notebooks. You'd need to store that content in a personal notebook and then move the note to a business notebook.

Q: How do you delete Trash?
A: Only an admin can completely delete notes from Business Notebooks. They can do this by visiting the admin console.

Q: How do you move notes from one notebook to another?
A: You can drag and drop, right click a single note and select move, or select multiple notes and use the move dialog that pops up.

Q: How did you add color to the notebooks?
A: You can change the color of text by selecting the color icon from editing palate.

Q: Ho do you get rid of a notebook? Not in Business in in Premium?
A: Right click the notebook and select delete.

Q: Do you know of anyone who has used the business account as a helpdesk or issue tracking system? Any advice on setup for that purpose?
A: We have worked with a couple of customers who use Evernote in this way. It's best accomplished with tags and saved searches. To get more info on how to this set up can be implemented, contact the success team.

Q: If converting over from a well-used personal account, can a personal notebook be converted to a shared business notebook?
A: Yes, currently how that works is you would create a new business notebook, open the existing personal notebook, select all notes by using command+A, and then use the move dialog to move them to the business notebook you just created.

Q: Do you support Boolean logic in searches?
A: At this time we do not.

Q: Do you support roles?
A: At this time, we do not.

Q: Can you create different levels of account access so that employees cannot add or delete notes or access certain notebooks?
A: You can set the level of access for an individual notebook with levels like read only or modify. An admin can also change the access level for anyone on any notebook.

Q: When I share via URL - can anyone beyond those I send the link see my Notebook?
A: We do our best to disguises public links so that it's hard to stumble upon them, but please note that sharing via URL does create a public link.

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