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windows (Archived) maybe a bug

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hello evernote, I am chinese user, so, my english is bad. please (forgive|excuse|pardon)[谅解]. (I use Google Translate help me).


window 7 32bit, evernote


if note content is:




I search keyword "english" the [english] no highlight, if note content is:


中文 english 中文


can highlight.





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My English is not very good either, unfortunately it's my native language.

I believe that when you search for a character string, EN starts at the beginning of a character string(word) for the comparison. The spaces in the second example permit it to successfully find the string. It's at the beginning of a new string. The first example puts the character in the middle, the search gives up before it even gets the the desired characters.

Someone please correct me if this is wrong.



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