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(Archived) Evernote Business Webinar Recap - 6/14/13

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Question and answer from our latest webinar, covering Evernote Business, primarily on the Windows version of Evernote.  Join future webinars here: http://evernote.com/business/resources/webinars/


Q: Can a user copy a business notebook into their personal notebooks? In my case, some client info is shared by the person and the business.
A: Yes, a user can do that. We designed our software for the 99% of people who are trying to do the right thing. In the same vein, there's nothing to stop your employee from memorizing important data, or taking a picture of their screen.

Q: Can use evernote on all mobile devices, iPhone, iPad, Android?
A: Yes, Evernote is available on most major platforms.

Q: What happens to our data if we stop using Evernote?
A: We will never hold your data hostage. If you were to cancel your business account, you would just want to move your data over to personal notebooks first. Then you can continue to use our free or standard premium tiers. Additionally, you can export all of your notes into HTML.

Q: Will you review cost?
A: The cost is $10 per user per month. We have a discount for qualified educational institutions of 75%. Contact us for more information here: http://evernote.com/business/contact_us/

Q: Can you add something to your business library that automatically shares it with everyone in your business?
A: No, a user will still have to join the notebook to get access to that data.

Q: How do you upload something that you want your other business members to see?
A: First, create a business notebook and then share it with individuals, or the whole company via the business library.

Q: Is Evernote secure to where I can add banking information, social securities number abd other personal information?
A: Evernote uses industry standard security techniques. You can learn more here: http://evernote.com/business/resources/security_and_privacy/

Q: Can you merge your old Evernote personal account into the new business account?
A: When you go through the sign up flow, either as an admin when creating the account, or as a user responding to an invite, you have the option to upgrade an existing Evernote account, or create a new one. If you choose the option to use an existing account, you'll bring all of your data with you into the business account.

Q: Is there a feature that would allow authorized users to only view a note, but note edit or delete the content of the note? Is there also a way that they can add to the note, but not delete anything form the note?
A: You can share a notebook with varying levels of access from read only to modify, to modify and invite others. However, we don't have a way for someonone to be able to add content but not make edits.

Q: Is there non-profit pricing available?
A: At this time, the only discount we offer is for verified educational institutions.

Q: Security question - encryption of information at rest on ever note's system, is it an option?
A: We encrypt data in transit, not at rest. This fuels a lot of the 'magic' of Evernote, such as making text in images searchable. That said, if you select text in Evernote, then right click, you'll see the option to set a password and encrypt text. This would make the text encrypted at rest (and also not searchable).

Q: How about sharing? Sharing is a big part of the personal product. But we might be concerned about sharing confidential information on the business side. Can this be managed by admin?
A: With Evernote Business, you can share a notebook with one person, multiple people, or everyone (via the business library). An admin can login to the Admin console and update any user's editing or sharing options on any notebook.

Q: Since folders are not your favorite way to store stuff is the ""search"" and "attributes" methods the most useful way to find stuff?
A: We rely heavily on search and tags to find the data you're looking for. We also have on certain Evernote clients the ability to create shortcuts to your most often used data.

Q: Can I drag and drop pics or documents into a notebook?
A: On our desktop clients, yes.

Q: So if a team of 10 users joins we would have 20GB of storage per month as a team, correct? What happens if you go over or need to go over?
A: Correct, with Evernote Business each user gets 2GB of upload quota per month for personal notebooks, and then the business account as a whole gets 2GB per person in a "family" style share plan. If you anticipate going over your quota, please contact the Evernote Business Success Team.

Q: Is the search functionality OCR - and is this spanning all documents, or a limited # of documents? Or is it all done by tagging the document?
A: Evernote does it's best to make text in images, pdfs, and office documents show up in search. This is done automatically, in the background.

Q: How do you reset your password if forgotten?
A: Please contact our support team here: http://evernote.com/contact/support/

Q: When you send yourself an email, where do you put the name of the folder you want the email to go into?
A: By adding @NotebookName, where NotebookName is the name of the destination notebook, you'll file it into a specific notebook. By adding #Tag Name, you'll also be able to add tags. Note that you can't create tags this way, only add to existing tags.

Q: Can you explain tags more? Also I am interested in the mobile version and multiple pics can be uploaded in a single note. also how to write text on a note (not draw).
A: Tags are a great way to organize yourself without relying on strict, conventional file storage systems. For example, instead of having one notebook per client, you can have one notebook for contracts, and one for correspondence (and so on). Then, just tag the relevant customer on each note. If you ever need to see all of the notes concerning a specific client, you can search for the tag.

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