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mac (Archived) How to clear Reminders quickly?

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Well ,im using mac version but its really a question for all devices/systems, the point is, you create your To-Do list with reminders and begin to mark them as completed, and you keep seeing them, which by the way its perfect, i like that feature, i like to track my progress and in some apps, the completed task just vanish in the air, anyway, the thing is that once you have completed all, the reminders remain there ^^, and if you wanna remove them you will need to restart the reminders 1 by 1.


You can hide them, but the truth is that the reminders will remain there, so i want to know, how much time will it take for the complete reminders to fade?, or if theres any way to remove all the reminders at once with a comand, selecting them all and doing something or i dont know, i couldn't find a way.


I hope you can help me.


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