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(Archived) Evernote Business Webinar Recap - 5/31/13

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Recorded questions (and answers) from the latest Evernote Business webinar:

Question: Are there any plans for adding a workflow management process to pass a document through a given workflow?
Answer: This is interesting feedback. We do not talk about upcoming features or product releases, but I will pass along your feedback to our internal teams for consideration and discussion.

Question: What would stop a single employee from wiping out your entire data if they wanted to delete or move data? Are there any permissions based locking that can be done?
Answer: With Evernote Business, the only people who can delete notes entirely would be the administrators on the account. Users can put notes in the trashcan, but a business administrator would be the only person able to delete the note entirely. You can also give users view only access which means they could only view a particular notebook and not modify the notebook at all.

Question: What is the business upload quota per user?
Answer: You will get 2GB of upload quota per user on the account. If your account has 10 users, you would have 20GB of upload quota for the month that is shared across the entire account.

Question: Can a user signup to a business account with their personal Evernote account?
Answer: Yes! If you signup for Evernote Business with your existing Evernote account, you will have access to your existing account and the new business notebooks at the same time with the same login. It is important to know that personal information is always personal and cannot be viewed by the business.

Question: Does Evernote Business support Single Sign On?
Answer: No. I will pass along your feedback to my team for future consideration.

Question: Are there more sort options for business notebooks?
Answer: With Evernote Business, you do gain the business library which is a place that you can see the various notebooks that have been published to the business and join or leave the notebooks as necessary. There are not any additional sorting options beyond this area.

Question: Can you give a high level overview of the API?
Answer: I would recommend going to our developer site for more information on the API. http://dev.evernote.com/

Question: I have a business with multiple clients and want to use Evernote Business to update my clients on new information. Is this possible?
Answer: There are a few ways you could accomplish parts of what you are asking. I would recommend contacting the Success Team to get more feedback on this situation. You can contact the Success Team by going through the support request.

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