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(Archived) Evernote Business Webinar Recap - 5/17/13

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Thank you once again for your attendance on today's webinar. You can find more resources for Evernote Business by going to our Evernote Business site.

Question: Is the search capability that was demonstrated available for the business library?
Answer: You can search through any of the business notebooks that you have joined to your account through the search bar.

Question: Can Evernote Business show notification that there is a new note or a modified notes?
Answer: Yes! You will see a notification that a note has been updated or added within the activity monitor at the top of the Evernote client.

Question: Is offline syncing notebooks required or is the process selective?
Answer: With Evernote, your notebooks are synced to our servers so you can access them no matter which device you are using.

Question: Can documents in notes be prevented from being downloaded?
Answer: No, if you have access to the notebook and note, then you can download the file.

Question: Does sharing notes outside of the business require others to have an Evernote account?
Answer: If you share a single note to another user, you can share that note via email, which will not require the user to be an Evernote user.

Question: Can the same note exist in more than one notebook?
Answer: Yes. You can have the same note in multiple notebooks.

Question : Can we connect Evernote Business to the Microsoft Active Directory?
Answer: No, Evernote Business does not integrate with Microsoft Active Directory.

Question: Can you create folders inside of notebooks for further organization?
Answer: You cannot create folders, but you can create notebook stacks. To create a notebook stack, just select the notebook you wish to be in a stack and drag it to another notebook. Once you release the notebook on top of another notebook, a stack is created. Stacks are only a personal organizational method and are not shared to other users.

Question: Can Evernote help with email overload?
Answer: Yes! Internally, we have seen the number of emails go down significantly by having our employees join business notebooks where information can be easily shared.

Question: Is there a chat function built into Evernote Business?
Answer: There is not a chat function built into Evernote Business. I will pass along this suggestion to our team for further discussion though.

Question: How does Evernote keep its information secure?
Answer: I would recommend taking a look at our blog post from Dave Engberg, our CTO on this topic.


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