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windows (Archived) Copying and pasting formatted text and images from Office 2013 to Evernote

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I am having issues copying and pasting from Office 2013 to Evernote. The only options seem to be screenshot or plain text. It used to work much better than this. 
When I try to paste from OneNote (Either using Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V, or using hotkey Win+A) it just gives me a screen clipping of whatever I highlighted.  
In OneNote it looks like this:
It's pasted as a screen cap in Evernote, not as formatted text and image. I can right click on it and get plain text, but I don't want plain text. I want formatted text with the image. 
In Word, all I get is the plain text option. In Word it looks like this:
In Evernote it ends up looking like this...

Inside Process (Less than 5)


•     If 5 Seats or less…

o     After purchase transaction goes through

...no images, no formatting.
Experimenting a little further, I've discovered that it DOES preserve formatting between Word and Evernote except when there is an image. 
The thing is, Evernote used to be able to work wonderfully between OneNote and Word. Then at one point, it started doing the screencap thing with OneNote. So I would have to paste from OneNote to Word, and then to Evernote if I wanted to preserve formatting. But now it won't even work coming from Word.
What gives? Is there a way to preserve formatting and images? 

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I think I actually just found a workaround for this.


It will actually copy formatting and keep the image from OneNote to Evernote when:


1. Highlight what I want to copy

2. Drag and drop from OneNote into a blank New Note in Evernote.



The question is, why does a simply copy and paste not do the same thing?

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If it works,  don't mess with it! 


I'm sure strange behaviours will get fixed by Evernote one of these days,  but don't hold your breath - there's lots to tidy up..

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