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cosmin ciobanu

teaching Using Octonius for iOS to improve the way we teach

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I'm the CEO of Octonius (www.octoni.us) and we just launched our first version of Octonius, a personal companion for iPhone.

We set out to help people be more productive and connected with the people in their lives.

The vision is to create a very smart system that helps us all day long, from the moment we wake up and smell the coffee.



Octonius aims to become your comprehensive daily productivity companion and currently is build around three main features:
• Documents: deep Evernote integration (with due dates for notes)
• Contacts: Live social address book with Facebook and local contact sync (LinkedIn coming soon)
• And an integrated task manager with smart due date function and shared tasks focusing on simplicity
We believe we can help the way Evernote is used in schools with our Due Date feature, and with our future improvements.
If someone likes to to try it, for everyone involved in teaching or learning, go ahead and take it for a spin: AppStore link
Octonius is free to use for teachers, professors and for students as well.
Just send us an email after you created your account at support@octoni.us
PS! We are also in the Evernote Developer Competition: LINK TO DEVCUP



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