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Another interface rant


A search here for 'interface' produces over 3000 posts, so I probably won't say anything that hasn't already been said, but jumpin'  jehoshaphat, this thing sure is hard to use. This feels like an application from the bad old days of the late '80s when a good user interface was still a mystery.


But to convert a couple dozen private folders to business folders, copy over a couple thousand notes to the right place, and invite only 3 users just took me all afternoon, for crying out loud. Why couldn't I option click every stack or folder I wanted to convert, apply 'move to business' to the group, and be done?


It didn't help that customer support told me I had to leave the application and go to the web to manage notebook invites. Come on!


Why can't I see a list of every notebook, as admin, and check or uncheck attributes (private or business, say) and see a list of invited and accepted users?


Or, the obverse, why can't I see a list of users and check/uncheck a list of notebooks?


Why does it takes tens of minutes hours to move notes from one notebook to another? It almost seems like they're being physically moved instead of just having pointers reassigned.


As much as I like what Evernote does, if someone from Apple or Google decides to develop a similar product, using their flair for user interface design, folks will bail in a nanosecond. Or at least I will.  (No, Google Keep isn't it.)


The irony is that I went through this torture so I could demo Evernote Business for a potential customer, a Fortune 500 company, that (I hope) will end up buying dozens of Business memberships so they can use curated information we create using Evernote.

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Hi. I'm not sure about the specific issues, because I haven't got any experience administering the business accounts. However, I can sympathize with you about the amount of time it takes to perform some operations. Yesterday I moved a couple thousand notes to a notebook. It took ages (hours) to finish processing and syncing. Changing a tags, or adding one to a few thousand notes is the same. Any batch operation becomes quite time consuming when you have thousands of notes. For tens of thousands, it gets to be unmanageable.

I'm hoping that Evernote will improve in this area. They have lots of work to do, but I think there is a reason no one else is doing it better; it is tough to get right when you are deploying it across multiple platforms. Products designed for a single one tend to do this kind of stuff more quickly, but they often lack the search indexes that give powerful search abilities.

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