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(Archived) Evernote Business Webinar Recap - 5/10/13

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Thanks to everyone who attended.  For more information on upcoming webinars, and some video selections, drop by here: http://evernote.com/business/resources/webinars/
Q: Once you revoke a user, will you still be charged for that user?
A:If you have revoked them, you will not be charged in the next billing cycle for that user.

Q: Is Evernote for notes only, or is it also good for storing documents? Like DropBox?
A: Evernote can store documents, files, pictures, or any other kind of file. Evernote also allows you to give a file context so that it's not just stored away some where taking up space.

Q: How do you upload the receipts and paper images to the note? scan? or taking pic?
A: You can add receipts in any number of ways. You can email them directly in, you can take a picture with a smartphone, you can scan them. Anyway that you have a receipt in a digital form, you can store it in Evernote.

Q: Is there a calendar in Evernote?
A: Evernote does not currently have calendar integration.

Q: When docs are uploaded, can you also download on other devices?
A: Yes, anything put into Evernote can be accessed everywhere you install Evernote.

Q: What happens if someone's usage flucuates month by month?
A: The monthly quota is a maximum, and it does not roll over.

Q: Does Evernote Business support Excel files?
A: Yes. All Microsoft Office documents (Word, Powerpoint, Excel) and their OSX and Open Office equivalents become searchable.

Q: If you make edits to an Excel file that is attached to a note, will it automatically sync or do you have to save it on your computer and attach again?
A: When you open an Excel file from Evernote, all you have to do is save. It saves the copy in Evernote, and you don't have to attach it again.

Q: Can the administrator only allow cetain users to see specific notebooks? As an administrator can I see who my employees have shared a note with? Then who those people may have share note with as well?
A: An adminstrator can remove a notebook from an account after it has been shared. It's up to whoever creates the notebook in the first place to decide who has rights before the fact.

Q: What happens if someone modifies a note, is there a trace?
A: We have a feature called Note History which, while not as granular as something like Google Docs, does provide a history of the note's edits. It takes a snapshot every at a minimum of every 8 hours. It doesn't currently, however, tell you who made what edits.

Q: Can you demo Skitch?
A: You can get Skitch for free at Evernote.com.

Q: What happens when someone deletes a note?
A: It goes into the business trash, which only an admin can permanently delete.

Q: Can you merge tags?
A: No, you cannot merge tags at this time.

Q: Can you share a notebook as a business user to someone that is in an individual user? for example - some people in the company are very minor users and do not need full access. is this possible? Or can you only share with other business users within your business?
A: If you set up the individual user with a free account, you can share individual notebooks with them without granting them full access to the business account.

Q: How do you ensure the protection of company proprietary information?
A: Evernote Business was designed for people who trust their employees. Much like you can't prevent someone from forwarding an email out of your business, you can't stop someone from copying data into a personal notebook.

Q: How does Evernote Business provide configuration management over documents?
A: If you mean templates, we have a 3rd party provider called KustomNote that provides that service. Additionally, you can create a note that has all the fields you want filled out and then copy it multiple times. If you keep all of those copies in a notebook called 'templates,' your team will know how to fill out a document.

Q: How does Evernote ensure malicious users from outside the company are not able to 'hack' into the company notebooks?
A: We use industry standard security tactics to prevent unauthorized access to your data. We also recommend that you ask your employees to use smart password protection policies. For example, don't use the same password for multiple sites.

Q: How can you prevent users (admins or others) from deleting business notebooks that the company wants to retain?
A: Only an admin can permanently delete a notebook. When an admin deletes a notebook, it's gone forever. It's important to make smart decisions about who has admin access.

Q: Do users associated to a business account get premium individual accounts automatically or do they need to purchase a premium account separately?
A: Users can use existing accounts or create new ones. If they use existing accounts, they are basically upgrading to a higher tier of service. There is no interruption in the personal side, and they take that information with them when they leave the business.

Q: What is the cost of maintaining a business account?
A: $10 per person, or $120 per year.

Q: Can OCR be copied and pasted?
A: No, at this point it cannot.

Q: Are pictures of text searchable?
A: Yes, as well as the text in PDFs and office documents.

Q: Can the auto-enroll be turned off?
A: Yes, and it is off by default.

Q: Is a trial available?
A: We find that our free service is a great indication of how Evernote might fit into your workflow, so at this time we do not offer a trial.

Q: Do you integrate with Box?
A: Evernote Business works hand in hand with a lot of other services you might use. For example, if your company already uses Dropbox, you can paste a dropbox link into a note and then give feedback and context without sending a bunch of emails around. At this time, we do not have a Box.com integration.

Q: Are there topic based help videos for users to learn more about or brush up on features?
A: We have a number of resources available to brush up on topics, see below. You can also, if you sign up, contact your Success Team at any time with any question you might have.
Knowledge Base:


YouTube Videos:


Q: Can we determine who is allowed to join notebooks, or, allow users to join as they wish?
A: It is up to the person who created the notebook to decide who can join and with what access levels. If a notebook is added to the business library, anyone in the account can join it.

Q: Will Evernote compress large picture files to save on space? e.g. a 10 MB camera image that doesn't require a full def image for use by all?
A: No, a picture added to Evernote desktop client will retain it's original size.

Q:If I were to use this system as an Accounts Payable document storage, how can I download my data that I have stored in Evernote? Is there a way to do a periodic data backup to my own server?
A: Everything that you have access to is downloaded to your desktop client. While we have redundant backups, you could also back up your hard drive

Q: Any reason to have Evernote buiness as an independent business consultant?
A: We want you to use the Evernote service that best fits your needs. If you work by yourself, and don't frequently hit the data quotas, then our standard Premium tier might be a better fit.

Q: Can you give more examples of emails being forwarded and automatically going to a notebook?
A: Receipts, or contracts are great examples, you can automatically forward them in. Another example would be for to do items. If your boss emails you and asks you to take care of an issue, you can forward that into your To Do notebook and know that you haven't lost track of it.

Q: Other than read only protection. how are the notes protected from an employee who has permission to edit the notes?
A: Only an admin can permanently delete a note, and our servers take snap shots of notes to preserve it's Note History.

Q: Is this demo recorded and available to be viewed again from evernote website?
A: We post a number of demos and videos on the Evernote Business resources page: http://evernote.com/business/resources/

Q: Where are the tags?
A: Tags are located, in the left hand navigation bar towards the bottom.

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