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firefox reducing size of webpage clips / uploads

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When I upload a web article (or a whole page) to my Evernote account, frequently there are photos that take up many more bytes than the text, which is what I really want. I can edit the note after it is already clipped and uploaded, and delete the photos. That saves storage space on Evernote servers as well as my own on-disk storage later when I synch to my home computer running Evernote as an app -- but it does not reduce how much I have uploaded via the clipper. That's what counts toward my monthly upload allowance.


I have Evernote Clearly, but I see no way to edit out the images before I clip.


This goes not only for Firefox which is at my office, but also IE which I use at home and Chrome which I use on a couple other computers.

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This is, I guess a feature request in the same vein - 

I clipped a pdf the other day, and was shocked to find the 2 page document weighed 14 mb.


I use chrome with the EN clipper, and it would be quite a useful feature to show the kb total of clips before they are uploaded in the sidebar that lets the user control the clipping parameters. 

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