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Rich Mintz

mac (Archived) Searching for (not Parent Tag)?

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I have a parent/child tag hierarchy like this:


Parent 1

- Child 1A

- Child 1B

- Child 1C

- ... Child 1Z


Parent 2

- Child 2A

- Child 2B

- Child 2C

- ... Child 2Z




Is there syntax to search for notes that are not tagged with any child of Parent 1? (That is: notes that do NOT contain Child 1A, Child 1B ... or Child 1Z...)

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No, there is none intrinsic to Evernote. Search does not consider any aspects of the tag hierarchy, unless you code it yourself in the name.


For example, if you had a set of tags like this obviously contrived example:






You could do a search like -tag:"Parent-*", and that would find all notes not tagged with a tag named "Parent-" followed by any character. These types of explicit tag hierarchies are awkward to maintain, but some folks do it for just this sort of reason.

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