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Evernote Business Webinar Recap - 5/3/13

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Thank you all for joining our webinar on May 3, 2013. Below are the questions from the webinar that we were not able to answer on the call. You can find more information about future webinars by going to the following link.


Question: How do you rename tags that I have created?
Answer: With Evernote Business, administrators can rename tags by going to the Admin Console ---> Manage Tags. Then, you find the tag you want to edit and click the pencil icon to make the name change.

Question: Do you have a calendar function for Evernote or an app that integrates with Evernote?
Answer: We do not have a calendar function natively to Evernote. I would recommend looking at the Evernote Trunk (trunk.evernote.com) at our third party integrations that may have the functionality that you are looking for and integrate into Evernote.

Question: I want to be able to share a business notebook to a client and give them access to view my notes and documents, but not change any notes. But, I do want to give them the ability to add images back to the notebook. Is this possible?
Answer: You can always share a notebook to the client and give them "View Access" on the permissions, but this would restrict them from being able to add any images to the notebook. If you give them "Modify Access" you would be able to have the client add images, but they would also be able to edit the notes as well.

Question: Does Evernote Business have a notebook limit?
Answer: Yes. You can have 250 personal notebooks and 250 joined / shared notebooks at a time connected to your account.

Question: If I upgrade from a personal to a business account, how are existing notebooks handled?
Answer: Existing notebooks would be considered personal notebooks. You can then create business notebooks and move the appropriate content over into the business notebook once you have joined the business account.

Question: Is there a way to create a template library where I would have a pre-formated template that my field staff could copy to work with their clients?
Answer: One way you could accomplish this would be to create a notebook that you publish into the business library that you give only "View only" access. Then your field staff could copy the note from this notebook into another business notebook they have access to and make the appropriate changes to the note.

Question: If we close our Evernote account, how do we get the data?
Answer: If you need to get your data out of the Evernote account, you can go to the Admin Console ----> Manage Notebooks. On this screen, click the notebook you wish to export, and in the popup box for the notebook, you will see an option to Export Notes from the notebook. This will allow you to export the data from each business notebook.

Question: Can you talk about how Evernote works with other apps?
Answer: There are various apps that integrate into Evernote and Evernote Business. The best place to see the select of the apps that integrate into Evernote is by going to the Evernote Trunk (trunk.evernote.com).

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Still not clear on this 250 notebook limit


I fire up evernote on my pc or mac will it sync all business notebooks and can I view them on my pc/mac just scroll through them or do I have to do this on the web?


is this 250 limit the max I can have on my pc/mac at one time - so to get a notebook from the business library I will need to link it to my local evernote or personal account to sync and see it on my device?


Oh I sure hope note as for something like genealogy that will not work at all or anything with a large knowledge base



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