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(Archived) Evernote Business Webinar Recap - 4/26/13

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We would like to thank everyone for joining our webinar on April 26th. You can find out about additional webinars by going to the following link.

Question: What's the best way to post handwritten notes without them taking up a lot of storage space?

Answer: If you have Evernote on your mobile device, you can use the
camera on the device to take a picture to add directly into Evernote. I
would recommend using this method to take a picture of your handwritten
note. Our system will do its best to determine what characters you are
writing on the note when searching for notes.  

Question: What's the difference between Evernote web and Evernote Desktop?

Answer: Evernote web is a web interface that you can use anywhere you
have a web browser. Evernote desktop is an application you can download
to use on a Windows or Mac client.  

Question: How do you create to do lists?
Answer: You can create to do lists by creating a note that uses the
checkboxes.  This option is displayed at the top of a note where you see
the various other options to format text.

Question: How do I maintain a specific order of notes within a notebook?

Answer: You can maintain an order on notes by using a titles of notes
that are in alphabetical order and then sorting the note view by the

Question: Can only administrators publish notebooks to the business library?

Answer: No. Anyone who is a part of the Evernote Business Account can publish a notebook to the business library.

Question: Do edits or changes to shared notes automatically update that note for everyone?

Answer: Any edits that you make to a shared note will update to our
servers when a sync occurs. Then once the other user syncs their
Evernote client, it will show the changes.


Question : What is the Trunk?

Answer: The Evernote Trunk is an area where third party developers
apps are displayed. Since we have an open API, we have several apps that
integrate with Evernote that can be found in this area.

Question: Is it possible to use a scanner to "auto upload" notes into Evernote?

Answer: There are several scanners that can upload documents directly
to Evernote.  I would recommend looking at the Evernote Trunk for some
of these options.  http://trunk.evernote.com/

Question: What is the difference between Evernote Business and Evernote Premium?

Answer: Evernote Business takes the features of Evernote Premium and
expands on the features with additional functionality that is beneficial
for collaborating on information within groups and organizations.  You
can see the various features of Evernote Business by going to the
following link. http://evernote.com/business/features/

Question: How much does Evernote Business cost?

Answer: Evernote Business is $10 per user per month.

Question: What happens to the default notebook in Evernote Business?

Answer: Your default notebook will remain as your default notebook.

Question: How do I send PDF's in emails into a specific Evernote Business notebook with tags?

Answer: You can send an email into a specific Evernote Business
notebook by using the "@business notebook name" in the end of the
subject of the email. You can then add tags by using "#tag name" on the
subject line as well.


Question: How do I update the name of my business?

Answer: You can update the name of your Evernote Business account by
going to the Admin Console and on the Account Summary page, you will see
your business name and a little pencil next to it.  If you click on
this pencil, you will be able to edit the name of the business.

Question: Do tags sync across users?

Answer: Yes. You will see all the tags that are on a business note when viewing that note.

Question: We use Google Apps for documents and files. How would Evernote Business fit in our workflow?

Answer: We have seen some groups use Google Apps and then post the
link to the Google document within Evernote for others to access. This
method would allow you to have the link to the Google document in the
note allowing you to have easy access for your team.  

Question: Can you speak about security and where data is stored?

Answer: I would recommend reading a few of the blog posts on our site.  You can find them here.  http://blog.evernote.com/blog/2011/03/24/evernotes-three-laws-of-data-protection/


Question: Is there any way to sync via active directory?

Answer: No. I will pass along the request to our internal teams for consideration. 

Question: How do you add and remove people from Evernote Business?

Answer: You can add and remove people from an Evernote Business
account by going to the Admin Console ----> Manage Users section.

Question: Is the business data stored on the cloud or on each user's hard drive?

Answer: You can find out more about our data storage by going to the following Evernote blog article.  http://blog.evernote.com/blog/2011/03/24/evernotes-three-laws-of-data-protection/

Question: What are the offline capabilities?

Answer: You can select business notebooks for offline use by
selecting the notebook to be an Offline notebook within the mobile
client. Once you do this, the notebook will be downloaded to your device
so you can access it in offline situations.  

Question: Can we have nested stacks?

Answer: Stacks are only visible to the user.  Everyone has different
methods for organizing their notebooks and in order to prevent confusion
from people moving notebooks to various stacks, the stack view is not
set for all users but rather just a view for the individual.

Question: Can we copy entire notebooks to new notebooks?

Answer: Yes. You can open a notebook, select all the notes, then
right click on the notes to copy the notes to a different notebook.

Question: Does related results work on the iPhone or iPad?

Answer: No. This is a great feature suggestion though.  I will pass
along your suggestion for future consideration to my internal teams.

Question: Is there a volume discount for Evernote Business?

Answer: At this time, no, there is no volume discount. The price is $10 per user per month. 


Question: Does Evernote Business work on the iPhone?

Answer: Yes. Evernote Business works everywhere that Evernote works, which is most major platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. 


Question: Which browsers does related notes work with?

Answer: Related notes is available, via the Evenote Web Clipper, on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. 

Question: Do shared notebooks keep tags when sharing the notebook?

Answer: Yes. When you share a notebook, you are also sharing the tags. 


Question: If I decided to leave Evernote Business, how could I retrieve my uploaded data?

Answer: When you leave, you'll retain access to only
what is in your personal notebooks. You'll be downgraded to our free
tier and can use our other tiers of service at your convenience. 

Question: What apps integrate with Evernote Business?

Answer: Currently,  the 3rd party apps that integrate
are: Azendoo, LiveMinutes, KustomNote, Zapier, Uber Conference, and


Question: How do you find support for Evernote Business?

Answer: You can reach out to the Customer Success team by going to
the Admin Console and on the Account Summary page towards the bottom you
will see an option to contact the Success team.  

Question: Are recorded version of the webinar available?

Answer: You can find a recorded version of the webinar at http://evernote.com/business/resources/webinars/  We do not post all of the webinars, but you will find a recorded version of the webinar at this link.

Question: Can 2 users access a note at the same time?

Answer: Yes, multiple users can access a note at the
same time. They can't, however, edit it at the same time as this will
cause a sync error. 

Question: If I have a team working on a top secret project that
nobody else will have access to, would this be something I should or
should not published to the business library?

Answer: No, the library is for notebooks that you want
the whole company to have access to. Instead, create a business notebook
and only share it with those that need access. 

Question: Can checkboxes within a note be sorted?

Answer: No, they would need to be sorted manually. 

Question: Can you publish videos into the business library?

Answer: You can attach a video to a note either by
attaching it, like you would an email, or by including a link to where
users can find the video on the web. End users can then either click the
link to watch the video, or download the attachment and watch it on
their computer. 


Question: I have many clients and I want to setup a private password
to secure notebooks for them. Is this possible and what is the cost?

Answer: If you bought your clients a seat, you could
share related notebook with just the correct client. It will be password
protected in that both parties have to login to Evernote to see the


Question: Can a client email documents to a specific client folder I have setup for them?

Answer: If you provide them with the email address, and
the notebook name yes. They will just need to include @NotebookName in
the subject of the emails. 


Question: How can I put a PDF into a note?

Answer: You can either put it directly in the note, as you would a picture, or you can attach it like you would in an email. 


Question: We use Evernote for an image library for inspirational
photos and client projects. How would using Evernote Business enhance
our image library?

Answer: Combined with the web clipper, it become very
easy to see something on the Internet and the store and file it away
correctly. Additionally, by utilizing tags, you can worry less about
which notebook a photo is filled into. For example, if you tag all of
your inspiring photos with #Inspire, you can file the photos whenever
you want, but call them all up with one search term.

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