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windows Templates in Evernote (one more time; now with solution)

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I know that many people request template functionality. I badly needed it too for I decided to create my Farley file. I tried KustomNote and quite a few other things; it seems to me I managed to find a solution that is comfortable enough for me.


I didn't try it at Mac; it definitely works on my Windows 7 computer. Here we go:


1) Create a template (ehrm, I mean a post that you'd want to use as a template. For instance, post that contains a list of meetings, names of attendees and so on)

2) Drag and drop it to your Desktop.

3) Chances are that you can't run it. Right click, Open, choose Browse and select Evernote. It typically placed by setup program at you Program Files (x86)/Evernote/Evernote folder.

4) Now you have a template at your Desktop with a neat elephant. Double-click it.

5) Here we are. You've just added it to your default notebook.


You can also pin it to your taskbar. Right click on an elephant icon and choose your template to create it.


Hope it helps.

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You lost me at "create a template."

I've updated an original post to find you asap :)

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In the Windows client, I have a special notebook where I keep note templates for commonly occurring note types (weekly work journals, meetings, etc.). I then use the Copy Note (right-click on the note in the note list, click on Copy Note) functionality to copy it to the notebook where it belongs. The Windows shortcut suggestion works as well.

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Hi everyone,


This "trick" works fine. But it open always the New Note in Main Evernote Window.


Do You know if I can make it open in separate Window?


Thanks in advance.

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