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mac (Archived) Bug in Evernote (App Store version): importing HTML files

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Hello fellow Evernote users,


I found a bug in Evernote 5.0.7 (latest version, downloaded from Mac App Store).


First, when I export a note (that contains images) to HTML format, I end up with the note contents in an HTML file, and the image resources in a separate folder with a ".resources" extension. Everything fine, expected behavior.

But then, when I try to import this note back into Evernote (by dragging the HTML file to the Evernote icon in the Dock), it only imports the note contents (contained in the HTML file) without the images (those in the separate .resources folder).


IIRC, this bug does not occur on the version of Evernote (5.0.7) downloaded from your website: the HTML and the images all get imported properly at once. (is that an issue with sandboxing on the App Store version?)



Thank you very much,


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