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(Archived) Evernote Business Webinar Recap - 4/17/13

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Thank you for attending the webinar for April 17, 2013. Below are the questions that were asked during the webinar.  Thank you once again for attending.


Question : How do you ensure that data in Evernote is secure?

Answer : I recommend looking at the blog article that Dave Engberg wrote for this information. http://blog.evernote.com/blog/2008/04/15/evernote-privacy-and-security/


Question : Can you copy a note from a business notebook to a personal notebook?

Answer : Yes, you can copy a note from a business notebook and place the copy of the note into a personal notebook.

Question : If a notebook is in the business library, can you restrict who can join it?

Answer : No, you cannot restrict who can join a notebook in the business library. If you are wanting to restrict who can join a notebook, I would recommend sharing the notebook to the individuals instead of publishing it to the business library.


Question : Can you restrict notebooks so that some users in the business cannot see specific notebooks?

Answer : No, if you wish to restrict specific notebooks that a specific group, then individual share the notebook to the appropriate users instead.


Question : Can an administrator restrict which tags are applied to a note in the business notebooks to ensure consistency across users?

Answer : Administrators do have the ability to edit and delete tags in business notebooks by going to the Admin Console then the Manage Tags area. 


Question : Is there a way to color code notes by a particular author instead of clicking the "i" button?

Answer : This is not something that is currently supported, but I will pass along this feedback to my internal teams.  


Question : Can you export a notebook into a PDF format?

Answer : No. You can export a notebook into the ".enex" and ".html" format.


Question : Is Evernote Business available on Windows 8?

Answer : Windows 8 currently supports the ability to view, edit and create notes in all of your Business Notebooks; however, they do not currently support viewing the Business Library or creating new Business Notebooks.  You can stay up to date on the supported clients by going to the following page. http://evernote.com/business/guide/

Question : Is there an ability to print an entire notebook?

Answer : You can print all the notes within a notebook by selecting all the notes in a notebook, then going to Print.

Question : Do notebook stacks exist on mobile platforms?

Answer : Business stacks are currently not available on the mobile platform.  I am going to pass this feature request to the appropriate internal teams for review.


Question : If you signup for Evernote Business with an existing Evernote account, can you share business notebooks using your business email address and personal notebooks with your personal email address?

Answer : Yes! In the Personal Account settings, you can set your business address on to your Evernote account.  By doing this, you will be able to share personal notes via your personal email address and share business notes via your business address that is listed on your account settings.

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