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web データ消失について

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Google translate says this:

You ask from this place because it has been sent from the contact form from the day before yesterday, but does not respond when you press the send button stop remains "Sending ... Tickets"'s Firefox and Chrome,'s IE.

(It was determined that the thing that there is a reply in a day and a premium, but it was not to be "not sent")
The other day, do not hit it even if I look in the search word usual, An attempt was made to verify the contents by moving to note, but the note does not exist, it was found that you have disappeared completely one whole note .

It uses while changing therein After you create a note, it is unclear why it has become way to extinguish the note itself is rare.
I think that it is displayed in the trash can if you had erased any chance, but it is not there as well.

I think that it was disappeared during the week because it uses a week ago.

You have premium registered, but restoration means the only history of note, restoration does not seem possible about what has disappeared whole note.

Now that you have taken the backup of now, a week ago, you would not be able to restore the data two weeks ago just in case.
Thank you very much.

For the "Sending ... Tickets" problem, see http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/37102-evernote-website-hangs-on-submitting-a-ticket/.


I'm not qualified to take on the rest. Moving topic to Japanese forum.

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