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Some Feature Suggestions for EB


So far EB has been working fine for me and its a great extension to the basic Evernote concept.



However, I basically want to share almost all our business notebooks amongst staff. It would help to have a means to quickly publish multiple notebooks (maybe drag into the Business Library?)


Also I would like to see from the business notebooks tree, an indication (by icon) of which notebooks are currently in the Business Library.


I would like to be able to export out an entire notebook to offline archive it. Maybe also to be able to import back in, keeping the original structure (the ENEX export/import doesn't do this well).





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Hi Alex,

Thank you for the suggestions. There are a few things that I would point out on Evernote Business that do answer some of these questions and suggestions.


You can publish any notebook to the business library by right clicking on the business notebook, going to the Share Notebook and then publish to the business library.  This said, I will pass along your suggestion to have drag and drop functionality to publish a notebook to the business library to my team for consideration.  


If you are an administrator of your Evernote Business account, you do have the ability to go into the Admin Console and then the Manage Notebooks area. In this area, you will see all the business notebooks that exist as well as how many users are joined to that notebook and if the notebook is a part of the business library or not.  


When it comes to exporting an entire notebook, administrators can export an entire business notebook by going to the Admin Console, then Manage Notebooks and then clicking on the notebook. You will then see an option to export the notebook.


You mentioned that you wanted to keep the original structure of the notebook when importing an ENEX file back in, can you tell me a few more details about what you mean?  I want to make sure I am understanding your suggestion.  


Jon H

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