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(Archived) Evernote Business Webinar Recap - 3/29/13

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I want to thank everyone who was able to attend our webinar on Friday, March 29th over Evernote Business.  Below you will find a list of the questions and answers that were asked throughout the presentation.  You can find future webinars for Evernote Business at the following link.




Question : Will there be an iOS update that allows us to move our Favorites to the top of the Notebooks window?

Answer : This is currently not a feature that is supported; however, we will share this feedback with our Product team.


Question : Will there be an update for Evernote that gives you the option to lock specific notebooks/notes with a passcode?

Answer : This is currently not a feature, but we would be happy to forward this suggestion to our development team.


Question : How much does Evernote Business cost compared to Premium?

Answer : Evernote Business cost $10 per user per month compared to the $5 per user per month for Evernote Premium.


Question : Can video be stored in Evernote or only audio?

Answer : Any files can be stored in Evernote, but there is a limit of 100MB per note. 


Question : Will the Google Chrome clipper work with Evernote Business notebooks?

Answer : Yes!  When you are signed into your Evernote Business account with the Web Clipper on Chrome, you will see a list of your business notebooks that you have modify access to the notebook.


Question : Is there a way to reduce the number of notebook that show in the web clipper?  I have some notebooks that are historical and no longer are used.

Answer : No, this functionality does not exist.


Question : What is the difference between a Premium account and a Business account?

Answer : Evernote Business has all the features of an Evernote Premium account with the addition of several features that make it easier to manage and simplify Evernote within the workplace.  You can see a list of feature of Evernote Business here. http://evernote.com/business/features/


Question : Is there a way to have a local backup?

Answer : You have a copy of your notebooks on your local computer.  If you would like to create a backup, please contact our Support Team and they will be happy to help you.


Question : How could I make a shared notebook for our customers to see articles that we create?

Answer : You could create a notebook and individually share the notebook with your customers. This method would allow you to control who is able to see the notebook. The other option would be to share the individual note via URL, which would allow anyone with that URL to view that individual note.


Question : If you share a notebook with multiple clients, can they see who else is sharing the notebook?

Answer : If a notebook is shared with you, while viewing the notebook you can see who else the notebook is shared with. 


Question : How do I get the Google search to show Evernote files on the right side of the search?

Answer : This is called "Related Notes" and appears when you are signed into the Web Clipper and have the Related Search Results box checked in the Web Clipper.


Question : What is the minimum number of users for a business account?

Answer : 1 user is the minimum user.  For the best experience of Evernote Business, I would recommend having at least 3 users.


Question : How can additional users be add to a business account?

Answer : To invite additional users to a business, go to the Admin Console and select the Add Users area.  Once on this page, enter in the individuals you wish to add to your Evernote Business account.


Question : Can the personal notebooks be excluded from the business version?

Answer : No, but it is important to realize that Administrator cannot view any of your personal notebook or notes. Any information in personal notebooks is personal and is not accessible by the Evernote Business administrators. 


Question : Can we have an invoice for the Evernote Business account instead of paying by credit card?

Answer : You can sign up for annual invoicing instead of credit card payments. There is a minimum of 5 users to have annual invoicing.


Question : Is there an "Alert" function to let others know that new items have been added to a notebook?

Answer : There is an activity log you can view by clicking on the satellite dish icon at the top of the Evernote client to see the most recent activity.


Question : Can a specific note be shared with someone outside your business organization?

Answer : Yes, you can share a specific note with someone outside your organization.


Question : How do you ensure that users do not transfer business notes to their personal notes?

Answer : If a user moves notes from a business notebook to a personal notebook, the note will appear in the business trash for the administrator to review if the note should be removed from the notebook. Administrators on the Evernote Business account do have the ability to control what information is share via the Manage Notebooks area, but there is not any specific restrictions to prevent someone from moving a business note to a personal notebook.


Question : I setup a new business account with a new email rather than my existing Evernote account.  Can I change my account so that all my existing notes are in the Evernote Business account?

Answer : If you accidentally created an Evernote Business account with a brand new account rather than your existing Evernote account. Contact our support team and we can walk you through the process of switching out the two accounts within your Evernote Business account. 


Question : If I am an Evernote Business user and I want another person to have view only access, can this user be a free user or do they have to be a part of the business?

Answer : You can share a business notebook with anyone, but the other user would need to be a part of the Evernote Business account to see the Business Library and have the Business Premium features.


Question : I use Evernote on the Samsung Galaxy, is there any way I can use the stylus to enter handwritten notes?

Answer : There is not a method within Evernote to use handwritten notes, but I would recommend looking at the Evernote Trunk where you can find third party applications that use the Evernote open API for a possible option.


Question : Is it possible to share a notebook as a business notebook, but limit the users within the business that have access to the notebook?

Answer : Yes. The best way to accomplish sharing a notebook to specific individuals rather than the entire business would be to share the notebook to the individuals in the group rather than publishing the notebook to the business library.


Question : Can a note be simultaneously edited by two or more parties?

Answer : No. This would cause sync errors to occur and you will see a notebook created for the sync error.  Evernote works well for collaborating on the notebook level. Internally, we have a notebook that our team will work on together and each of us will put our notes into a specific notebook and then the owner of the notebook can then curate the notes and merge them together into 1 note if necessary. 


Question : Can I use an existing personal Evernote account when I join Evernote Business?

Answer : Absolutely! When you sign up for Evernote Business, there will be an option to use an existing Evernote account through the signup
process that will allow you to have access to your personal notes and business notes in the same client.


Question : Is there any control over modifying docs that are accessible to others?

Answer : You can set permissions on notebooks that you share with others so they can only view a document and note and not modify them.


Question : How many administrators can you have on an Evernote Business account and how are they determined?

Answer : You can have as many administrators as you would like to your Evernote Business account. Administrators are determined by an administrator giving the administrator rights to a specific individual. We do recommend having a few people as administrators on an account, but limiting the number of administrators to a small number to limit the number of users with the administrator capabilities.


Question : How do I move personal notebooks to my new Evernote Business account?

Answer : You can move personal notes to business notebooks by selecting all the notes that you wish to move to the business notebook and dragging the notes to the appropriate business notebook.  There is more information on how to move notes to business notebooks found on our online guide at the following link. http://evernote.com/business/guide/#3


Question : Will the Web Clipper for iPad be coming out anytime soon?

Answer : Please look at the following blog post for a clipper option for the iPad: http://blog.evernote.com/blog/2013/02/08/trunk-spotlight-dolphin-for-ipad-integrates-the-evernote-web-clipper/


Question : Will the ability to create notebook stacks be available for the iPad?

Answer : Please check out the following blog post on the newest version of Evernote for the iOS.  This blog post talks about notebook stacks on the iOS http://blog.evernote.com/blog/2012/11/08/the-new-evernote-5-for-iphone-ipad-and-ipod-touch/


Question : Is the related search feature only available for Evernote Business?

Answer : No, related search is available to Evernote users as well. You can see more about related search by going to the following link.  http://blog.evernote.com/blog/2012/12/12/evernote-web-clipper-for-chrome-gets-new-related-results-features/


Question : Are there any features available in for regular Evernote that are not in Evernote Business?

Answer : No.  Evernote Business builds on the existing features of Evernote and Evernote Premium.


Question : Is there a client/server version so my company can have a private cloud version of Evernote?

Answer : No, the beauty of Evernote hosting your data on our servers is that we ensure data availability, security, and sync across platforms on your behalf.

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