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mac (Archived) Conflict in a note won't stop crying

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I have a note called "0a", which is where I used to dump random stuff for sorting out later. A few months ago I started getting the "conflict in note" message, with the offending note being placed into a new "Conflicting Changes (date)" notebook.


But there were never any differences (that I could see). I opened the two conflicting notes side by side and they looked the same line by line.


Anyway. I stopped using "0a" about 2 months ago because it was too annoying.


Even though I never paste or grab content from "0a" anymore, I still get told it conflicts about once a week. It's less now with Version 5.0.7 (400995), but it still happens.





EN v5, mac osX 10.83 (laptop), 10.7x (desktop)

(I dont see the conflicting note at all on iPhone version)

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