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(Archived) Evernote Business Webinar Recap - 3/22/13

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I want to thank everyone who was able to attend our webinar on Friday 3/22 over Evernote Business.  Below, you will find a list of the questions and answers that were asked throughout the presentation.  You can find future webinars for Evernote Business at the following link.




Question : When I use Evernote on my iPad and do not have an internet connection, I am not able to open up Word documents or PDF files. How can I view this files when I do not have an internet connection?

Answer : In order to be able to use files offline, you will need to go to the settings page and select the notebook with the files to be downloaded as an offline notebook.

Question : If I am an existing Evernote Premium user and upgrade to Evernote Business, what will happen with the remaining time on my Evernote Premium account?

Answer : Good news! You'll get upgraded to Business Premium as part of the company account. If you've purchased a 1 year subscription for Evernote Premium from us and have more than a month of personal Premium service left, we'll send you a code that you can use to upgrade yourself back to Premium should you ever leave the business. You can also pass the code along to a family member, friend, or colleague.

Question : On Windows, where do I go to see my Evernote email address to forward content into my Evernote account?

Answer : To see your Evernote email address in Windows, go to the Tools menu and then Account Info.  On your Account Info screen, you will see the email address to email content into Evernote.

Question : How do I email a note into a specific notebook with Evernote Business?

Answer : Yes! You can email a note to a specific notebook by using the @ symbol followed by the notebook name in the subject line of the email.

Question : With Evernote Premium, if you share a notebook with someone, they are not able to add new tags to notes.  Are you able to add new tags to notes with Evernote Business notebooks that you have modify access to?

Answer : Yes. With Evernote Business, you can add new tags to business notebooks that you have modify rights to the notebook.

Question : If we have existing personal notebooks with content that belongs to the business, how do we move this content into Evernote Business notebooks?

Answer : In order to move existing content from personal notebooks to business notebooks, you would need to select the notes that you wish to move to the business notebook and then drag them on to the business notebook you want to add the notes.

Question : If there is a note conflict, is there a way to see what content is different on the note verses the conflicted note?

Answer : If you see a note conflict, you will see a conflict notebook created and the note within that notebook.  Then, you can go to that note that you were working on and compare the two notes.

Question : Can I copy or download a notebook on to my computer?

Answer : You can right click on a notebook and export the notes of that notebook into a file on your computer.

Question : If I want to deactivate my account and remove all the information out of the account, how would I do so?

Answer : If you want to remove all the information out of your account, I recommend deleting all of your notes and then making sure to empty the trash.  After you have completed this step, you can contact our support team to give you instructions on deactivating your account.

Question : Is there a log of activity on the account?

Answer : You can see a log of the activity on your account by going to the little satellite dish on the top Evernote client and you will see the latest activity on your account.

Question : Can you share a stacked set of notebooks?

Answer : You can not share an entire stack of notebooks at one time. You can share each notebook with someone, but how they organize the notebooks is on the individual level.  Stacked notebooks are designed to be a personal view of your notebooks. Your ideal way of structuring your notebooks may be completely different than the way another co-worker wants to structure their own notebooks.

Question : Is there a way to clip articles on an iPad?

Answer : There is not a native way to clip articles on the iPad, but there are a few work arounds.  Please see the following link. https://support.evernote.com/link/portal/16051/16058/Article/2517/Workarounds-for-Clipping-Web-Pages-into-Evernote-on-iOS

Question : If I share a note, will it be indexed by search engines (i.e. Google.) and accessed by someone that it wasn't intended?

Answer :  Only people with whom you share the note link will see the note, however, shared notes are not private. Google and other search engines *will* see your shared note if you publish it to a public Facebook profile, or post the link on another site that is indexed (like Twitter).

Question : I see that view only is the minimum restriction that can be on a notebook. Can I block access to specific groups or users?

Answer : If you wish to restrict who has access to see specific notebooks, then I would recommend sharing the notebook individually instead of putting the notebook in the business library.

Question : What security is in place server-side? It's encrypted in transit, but what about when it is stored?

Answer : All sessions, and all data transactions to and from our server take place over SSL.

Notes are stored in plain text on our servers (for our indexing algorithm to work), but are encrypted with your keypair. Access to the data center where the actual server machines are located is severely restricted, logged, and monitored.  All of the information in your account is private - there are only a few high level employees with proper clearance (former DoD, and HIPAA certified, for example) at Evernote that can access your data and when they do, we would ask for you permission first. This is to troubleshoot a problem in your account if it becomes needed, or if required by subpoena. We would not release any information to any outside agencies, government or otherwise, without proper documentation on their part.

Question : Can you change the notebooks you want to be joined to by device so that I do not have to sync all the notebooks to my phone or tablet?

Answer : You cannot specify which notebooks you join by device. 

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Thanks Geoff, 


Good information which has now been Evernoted!





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