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(Archived) Feature Request: Tag Suggestions from webmaster, delicious, KGen extractor and their synonyms. No need for brainstorming!

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Your tagging system is crucial and here is how Evernote could improve it:



Evernote must implement something fully featured like this:
Explanation from me (and the Firefox add-on author):
It makes bookmark tagging easier, by simply providing a complete set of most relevant keywords. These keywords are retrieved from many different sources :
  • the tags you already gave to one of your actual bookmarks.
  • the keywords the webmaster gave to his webpage.
  • the tags given by del.icio.us users for the same page.
  • the tags the keyword extractor found using KGen (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/4788).
  • and finally synonyms for the above found keywords.
You no longer would need to make a brainstorming session each time you want to add a new bookmark. It will do it for you!
Please forward this feature request to Evernote. If this becomes part of Evernote I will move my complete bookmarking system from a certain competitor over to Evernote and become a Premium member. 
I'd be happy about a short reply. Thanks!

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